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Love is a ability

Any one of us can fall in love and even feel loved. But to really love is a ability. Like any ability the more one practice, the easier it becomes to do. It is almost like riding a bicycle. In the start we get on and after a while we fall of, but the more we train ourselves to ride the bicycle the more natural it becomes for us. The same can apply to love. The more we stay committed to someone the more our ability will become to love that person. The sad thing in our society is that it is so consumer based, that if you fall out of love , one can choose to get a newer model. Love is something everybody wants, but not many will fight for it. Not many will stick it out in there marriage till the dying flame get rekindled again. Me personally has come to a conclusion that, I think it is absolutely ridiculous to trade in one mate for another when all you are going to do over time is turn the second marriage into a shadow of the first. Love is something grant, something spectacular.

The Rumor's Secret

In addition to being a stander, guide for other standers and bi-lingual author, Ess-Jee Rautenbach is a really good artist! In fact, he just helped Author Beth Durkee doctor up a picture for the cover of her newest short title, The Rumor's Secret. Way to go, Ess-Jee!   Link too Rumor"s Secret by Beth Durkee  

What is a happy marriage?

A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers. Ruth Bell Graham

Determined stander

EssJee is one of the most determined standers I have had the opportunity to minister to during the beginning of his crisis. There is no doubt that the Lord has His hand on this man.The ministry that the Lord has given him is helping so many people to understand that even if you do have marriage problems, you don’t just give up, walk out the door, sign a few papers, and it’s over. God's plan for ma rriage is until DEATH do you part. Not any time before. EssJee and I have been called and chosen for this ministry. He and I have a job to do to teach those that the Lord brings to us that we are to never give up on our spouse. The job that we have is to continually encourage those who are hurting from the pain of a covenant husband or wife wanting to call it quits, separate, or even go so far as divorce. Standing for your marriage is something that the Lord is calling ALL married people to do. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, what your family, friends, co-wor

Marriage: My Beloved

My Beloved

In the silence I sit and wait, for my beloved to return to her righteous state. The journey may seem hard and long, but my longing for her has never been so strong. I know that everybody thinks I’m crazy, but the Lords says, “Keep on praying and don’t be lazy”. Jesus holds the keys to her heart, so I will never stop standing, until those keys unlock the lock to my beloved’s heart. My love for her will never end, even when my earthly life comes to an end. My Lord He knows I love her so, this undying love I have never known. Return soon my love, to our home where you will never be alone. May my all be for you my love, an undying love that will never lie down. I will not give up, give in or give over, until this breakdown is turned over. You must know I will never let you go, even if it may sometimes feel the only way to go. Even when hopelessness abounds, I will hope in God. Thank you God for this wife you have given me, a priceless gift, I will cherish forever. In the dark valleys

Money will fix our problems?

In many marriages today it seems that only money can solve all our problems, or so many perceive it that way. If we just had more money we could solve all our problems? Maybe if I work overtime or what about a quick money scam? There must be something I can do to solve my financial crisis? There is an old saying that goes:” When money is out the front door love leaves at the back door”. In many marriages, that is the case and sometimes it is even the other way around. Most of us when we get married we say the words: for better or for worse, in richer in poorer. But what actually mean is only for better and only for richer. Many partners leave when there financial circumstances get worse and it seems to them they can’t handle the current circumstances. This is such a sad scene; didn’t we vow to stay with our partners till deaths do us a part? Well not many think of the marriage vows that way anymore. If someone doesn’t make you happy, maybe you would find someone better who would?