Determined stander

EssJee is one of the most determined standers I have had the opportunity to minister to during the beginning of his crisis. There is no doubt that the Lord has His hand on this man.The ministry that the Lord has given him is helping so many people to understand that even if you do have marriage problems, you don’t just give up, walk out the door, sign a few papers, and it’s over. God's plan for marriage is until DEATH do you part. Not any time before. EssJee and I have been called and chosen for this ministry. He and I have a job to do to teach those that the Lord brings to us that we are to never give up on our spouse.

The job that we have is to continually encourage those who are hurting from the pain of a covenant husband or wife wanting to call it quits, separate, or even go so far as divorce. Standing for your marriage is something that the Lord is calling ALL married people to do. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, what your family, friends, co-workers, or even your church thinks about what you are doing. -Stacey Hayes


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