Love is a ability

Any one of us can fall in love and even feel loved. But to really love is a ability. Like any ability the more one practice, the easier it becomes to do. It is almost like riding a bicycle. In the start we get on and after a while we fall of, but the more we train ourselves to ride the bicycle the more natural it becomes for us.

The same can apply to love. The more we stay committed to someone the more our ability will become to love that person. The sad thing in our society is that it is so consumer based, that if you fall out of love , one can choose to get a newer model. Love is something everybody wants, but not many will fight for it. Not many will stick it out in there marriage till the dying flame get rekindled again.

Me personally has come to a conclusion that, I think it is absolutely ridiculous to trade in one mate for another when all you are going to do over time is turn the second marriage into a shadow of the first. Love is something grant, something spectacular. Love is not something based on feelings or emotions. Love is something learned over time and it is a choice. When you stick to your choice, the feelings will follow.

Bebo Norman said in one of his songs that;" it is better to stand for something or you will fall for anything". Are you brave enough to Stand for Love....... no matter what?


  1. Excellent statements!

    "Love is something learned over time and it is a choice."

    I would like to add that love is an action before it is a feeling. That is an important distinction because many people think loving feelings cannot be rekindled after they are gone. This supposition is false. Feelings follow actions. Thus, even the feeling of love becomes a choice.


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