Money will fix our problems?

In many marriages today it seems that only money can solve all our problems, or so many perceive it that way. If we just had more money we could solve all our problems? Maybe if I work overtime or what about a quick money scam? There must be something I can do to solve my financial crisis?

There is an old saying that goes:” When money is out the front door love leaves at the back door”. In many marriages, that is the case and sometimes it is even the other way around. Most of us when we get married we say the words: for better or for worse, in richer in poorer. But what actually mean is only for better and only for richer. Many partners leave when there financial circumstances get worse and it seems to them they can’t handle the current circumstances.

This is such a sad scene; didn’t we vow to stay with our partners till deaths do us a part? Well not many think of the marriage vows that way anymore. If someone doesn’t make you happy, maybe you would find someone better who would? In our world it seems that people just don’t earn enough money. We are using money that is not our own. 50 years back people lived much simpler lives. They had smaller houses and much more time on there hands for their families. They lived a much simpler live than we do today.

Our society we live in to today is a fast past and non stop. When you fall and don’t get back up they will trample over you. The ever increasing pressure on men and husbands doesn’t make it much easier, when it comes to the home front.

Also this increase in financial pressures. The wife also has to bring in something, other wise the family won’t make month end. Added pressure on moms and women at home. 50 years ago most wives’s stayed at home and they done the things they enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean women don’t have to work or that women must stay at home. I’m just saying that there was more financial freedom for them to do what they wanted to do.

To get to the root of our problems we must go back to the basic the bible teach us regarding money. Materialism is one of our generational sicknesses of our time. This is certainly one of our problems regarding financial freedom.

Some symptoms of Materialism:

  • Working longer hours to make more money to buy more things;
  • Both spouses working so as to afford more, bigger cars and houses;
  • Greed for the get-rich-quick investment or lottery
  • Increased busyness with all that work and care for material things so that there is not time for spiritual concerns.

God has a system of stewardship whereby He teaches us by starting with handling little and increasing it as we learn to handle more. 

When we start to put our focus on God and not what we want. Our picture starts to change. We start to invest our money in the right places. Some more questions for you;

Who do you help with your money?
Do you tithe or give offerings to your church?
Do you help the poor and hungry?
Do you give freely?

When we start to take our focus of ourselves and put it onto others, there is something that happens in our soul. I do not say that having a lot or being rich is not biblical. I’m only saying that if we start to buy in Gods plan for our finances we will reap the harvest. And God promise in scripture that when we give we shall never have lack. What a promise!

Society generally seems to be forsaking this gradual Godly approach in favor of a get-rich-quick mentality. In my own experiences the only thing that holds its promises is the word of God the bible. He said that His word can never return to Him empty.

So will you be bold enough to say no to the world ways and solutions. And yes to Gods ways and solutions. May you see that only the Lords word is true? And only Jesus can give us the hope we are searching for.


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