My Beloved

In the silence I sit and wait, for my beloved to return to her righteous state. The journey may seem hard and long, but my longing for her has never been so strong.
I know that everybody thinks I’m crazy, but the Lords says, “Keep on praying and don’t be lazy”. Jesus holds the keys to her heart, so I will never stop standing, until those keys unlock the lock to my beloved’s heart.
My love for her will never end, even when my earthly life comes to an end. My Lord He knows I love her so, this undying love I have never known.
Return soon my love, to our home where you will never be alone. May my all be for you my love, an undying love that will never lie down. I will not give up, give in or give over, until this breakdown is turned over.
You must know I will never let you go, even if it may sometimes feel the only way to go. Even when hopelessness abounds, I will hope in God.
Thank you God for this wife you have given me, a priceless gift, I will cherish forever. In the dark valleys I will rally, knowing that Jesus will not leave me in this valley forever.
Your loving eyes so soft and tender, give me hope when I surrender. But on a day the Lord has planned, He will have us both ready for marriage restored by His mighty hand.
On this day I say Glory to God, My redeemer and defender. In Jesus name I now surrender.
              Ess-Jee Rautenbach


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