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5.0 out of 5 stars Spirit-filled!!! , March 25, 2012 By  Amanda Beth - See all my reviews This review is from: How To Stand For Your Marriage: Giving hope to a broken generation (Paperback) "Long enough has the enemy enslaved spouses to sin and bondage. Long enough has he broken up loving families, destroying both spouses or destroying their children emotionally. ENOUGH!! It stops here with our generation; this is the season of restoration and reconciliation. Will you join me and lift up the sword of truth which is the Word of God and follow your commander and chief, Jesus into the battle field?" I couldn't agree more with what the Lord led Ess-Jee to write in this powerful, spirit-filled book! Divorces are on a rise within the Christian community. We must STAND for our marriages and not let the enemy steal, kill, and destroy the precious gift God has given us! I was truly inspired by Ess-Jee's testimony, standing for his wi

Readers Favorite Book Review

Book Review Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite "Stand For Your Marriage" reminds people of God’s intention for marriage. Marriage vows are a promise “until death do we part.” Scripture teaches us “what God has joined together let no man put asunder.” So why has marriage become disposable? It certainly isn’t the will of God and if it isn’t of God it must be the will of Satan. Ess-Jee Rautenbach stands firm on God’s purpose and offers hope for floundering marriages . All marriages go through rocky periods . However, that does not mean we are released from our vows, responsibilities or commitments. Divorce does not hurt only the husband and wife but their children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, and friends. Rautenbach reminds us that we have a great authority to turn to when our marriage falls apart. Instead we turn to friends, family and the therapist for their advice and comfort. I am impressed with the message of this book. The plot is based on sc