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I will Love you Unconditionally


By Ess-Jee Rautenbach      Do you want to know the secret to a restored marriage? I have been blessed to witness man y restored and resurrected marriages. It is almost my 5 th year in marriage ministry and I'm going to share with you the big mystery and secret I have discovered over the years. This mystery was hidden for thousands and thousands of years. This secret or mystery to marriage restoration has been hidden for ages, but those who find it have restored and resurrected marriages. Not only do they have new life beating in them, their old lives and pasts have been wiped away and everything they now have is brand new. What would you say is the secret to a restored marriage after divorce? I hear some of you say: “prayer, fasting, be like Jesus or try to copy Jesus Christ, forgiveness, spells, pressuring the one you love, self-help books, follow these easy steps to… etc.” My answer to you is no. I agree that some of them are good to do, but not all of them. In

Restored Marriage Ceremony