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  Powerful! July 30, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
Ess-Jee wrote: "Long enough has the enemy enslaved spouses to sin and bondage. Long enough has he broken up loving families, destroying both spouses or destroying their children emotionally. ENOUGH!! It stops here with our generation; this is the season of restoration and reconciliation. Will you join me and lift up the sword of truth which is the Word of God and follow your commander and chief, Jesus into the battle field?"

I couldn't agree more with what the Lord led Ess-Jee to write in this powerful, spirit-filled book! Divorces are on a rise within the Christian community. We must STAND for our marriages and not let the enemy steal, kill, and destroy the precious gift God has given us!

I was truly inspired by Ess-Jee's testimony, standing for his wife even though she has been separated from him for three years. He is truly looking at marriage through God's eyes, a covenant relationship--a marriage that is till death splits them apart.

I highly recommend this book to all married couples. No matter what situation you are in, you will be encouraged by this book!

Amanda Beth - author of "You Can Have a Happy Family"

Awesome Book August 30, 2012
By Ernest
Great book, must read. I have read other books from ministries for people called to stand and pray for their spouses to return to the marriage covenant. This is a must for you if you are standing for marriage restoration and believe in covenant marriage. This is God's view, not just this author's or a small minority. This is a powerful encouragement to help you start or continue in your stand. Others may try to tell you different or how to handle your marriage circumstances, but this book will cast out all doubt and fears. It will strengthen your resolve and settle your heart in what God desires for every stand for their marriage restoration.

Great Book !!!! March 5, 2012
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
In it's simplest of terms "STANDING" means to honor the vows you made on your wedding day regardless of the circumstances you are in. In the words view, it is " I will love you till A serious problem comes up and I doing,t want to try anymore,"I love you , if you love me." This is not what GOD expects of us in our marriage. Marriage is a covenant ( NOT A CONTRACT !! ) People don't remember who created Marriage GOD did !! We vow to have and to hold , until death do us part (separates) period!!. God was a witness to your marriage and to the covenant vows you made and they are not to be taken lightly. (Read Deuteronomy 23:21 in the KJV ). Christ loves us unconditionally as we are to love each other regardless of our circumstances and that includes separation and or divorce. If your spouse walks and the get the "NO fault divorce" it has no bearing on whatsoever on you part of the covenant. You and you spouse are "ONE FLESH" period!!! until death separates. If you are not saved you should find and good church with great support for men and women. Prayer is the best way to go on this because it's not about you or your spouse it about HIM !!! Put God first in all things and yes that includes your husband or wife and keep your eyes on him and not on your circumstance that is the most important part of this period !!!!! this book will help you along with prayer and a good church( a good support system). God blesses those who believe and follow and are not disobedience to his word. He will restore what was lost better than it was his ways are not our ways. but he will do it in his time not on your time which could be a season or the rest of you life on this earth. He knows whats best for you and your life for he created you and knows all about you even how many hairs are on your head. So get the book it is filled with truth to help you STAND FOR MARRIAGE !!!!

"This book is a fast and exciting read, and it is like finally someone understands what we as Standers are going through. It is a tough job to Stand but the rewards will be so great. Loved everything about this book. I give it a 5 star rating, and loved the sections at the end to think about, the prayers, and the promises to Stand on. Awesome Job Ess-jee..."( Ahmed Bouchouka )

“Are you willing to S.T.A.N.D. - a question that brings the reader to a total standstill creating the need to ponder :  S.T.A.N.D for what?? marriage?  my jail?? And as the reader reads on (s)he is in total awe about the facts (s)he discover and how focus from the “I” move to “Jesus Christ our only HOPE and Saviour”At least - that was my experience reading through your book.  And without giving it away to a reader who’s yet to read it, I would like to add:  This book is not just for those needing to save their marriage, but also for us blessed with healthy, happy and balanced marriages.  It most certainly opened my eyes and helped me to be more aware of how easy things can go wrong if we leave Jesus Christ out of our relationship. 
This book will most certainly also be a wonderful tool for anyone with any kind of relationship problems, parentchild, friend and family relationship - the principles are applicable to all our relationships.  However, we need to work on the most important relationships first:   God, then spouse, then kids and then the rest ….
I love the “Time Out” sections … good practice for “thinking about and to apply”
Be on your guard;  stand firm in the faith;  be (wo)men of courage; be strong.” 1 Corinthians16:13
Sincerely yours,Ah,Willa!

“Hi, very good  work, keep on, may God"s wisdom be in you.”
(Daniela Dos Santos)

“It’s thought provoking and it’s interactive which I don’t normally find from other books aside from activity/educational books. It would really encourage readers to read and reflect. I think this is something that should be given during marriage counseling which is common in US. There is definitely a wide market for this book.”  (Sophia Blake - Xlibris Corporation)

‘I think in today’s day and age of increasing levels of divorce, it is wise for married couples to think carefully before ending their marriage. It is impressive that people are able to stand for their marriage and the concept is new to me so I feel I have lear'nt something from the content.” The Christian genre is a growing market and I'm constantly amazed at all the angles it comes from in terms of the focus of the topic. I like the idea of standing for one's marriage and I think in today's troubled times of ever-growing divorce, it would be welcomed and sorely needed. The writing itself has a nice informal touch.” (Reach editor)

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