Giving Hope to the Hopeless

Here are some letters we received from people we helped through our book and ministry, may each one bless you;

Dear Essjee
"Essjee, I am trying so hard to forgive myself of what I have done. But every time when something comes up, my husband will remind me. and it becomes so hard because he will call me names. I know I am the one who needs to be changed first because there are some issues that I still struggle with. I know I need God to help to be honest with my husband on the issue of finances, and I am not, I know that where I really need help.
The other issue is when I realize what my husband is doing justifying his affair, I become so mad. Because he said one day I will answer before God for causing him to backslide. Keep on praying with me and for me."
Thanks Ess-Jee.
Your words are very encouraging.  The holidays make it tougher to deal with but I am standing.  I will review the materials. 

I saw your email on Facebook and I'm writing in for prayer for my husband and me.  Please pray for us!!! God showed me that we are supposed to stay married and we've been separated for two months.  I know that we need to reconcile but I can't get in touch with my husband - he won't return my calls or emails.  Please pray that any wall would be broken down.  I'm getting weak and tired from all of the praying - I've been praying non-stop for the past two months, right after God showed me that I was supposed to.  He has transformed my life, which has been beautiful, but I just know that we are supposed to be back together, and that it should be soon because my son and I have had sicknesses and accidents happen. 

Baie dankie vir wat jy met my deel en jou woorde van bemoediging!!!! 
oh thankyou brother...I want to send you a big hug in God!!!!!! it will be used for his glory to help his people.
Thank you Essjee,

I can’t stop thinking about my husband and all the memories of last year this time that we planned a holiday, I think something hectic in his life must have happened for him to be so broken and confused and for him to keep running. I was just tormented by confusion and questions specifically if the person I thought I knew really existed and if he really as some believe, lied to me about everything,
 Hi Essjee

You are an angel.  I needed someone to talk to. 
 Thanks for you email!   Last night my husband called "just" to talk.   When he said he needed to go, he said "BABE Gotta Go"  Haven't heard Babe in along time.  
Dear brother.
It seems like you are the only person I can talk to because many do not understand and I did not understand why I had to stand for my marriage.

Good day
I trust that the Lord has sent me to your website and I have found so much inspiration.

Hello EssJee. I admit that i have been hooked on your website for about a month now. Everyday i am o on the website

Its good to know that there are men and woman out there who are standing for
their marriage despite what the world think.

Good morning

Thank you for the confirmation, I feel much better knowing that I have to be humble.
I have to pray without ceasing, believing in miracles and thank you for your prayers.

May God richly bless you and your family

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